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Twin Cities to Eau Claire rail line off the table

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A commission tasked with studying alternatives to reducing traffic congestion along the busy Interstate 94 corridor has eliminated a proposed commuter rail line from the Twin Cities to Eau Claire, Wis.

The Gateway Corridor Commission voted Thursday to take the 99-mile commuter line off the table. An 18-month study by CH2M ranked the $1.2 billion option as the least desirable alternative.


The commission still has seven other ideas to consider for easing congestion in the east metro area. The Star Tribune says one of the plans scoring the highest by the consulting firm is a $420 million plan to use a bus rapid transit line along 1-94.

Information from: Star Tribune,

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One comment

  1. Whoa … $420 million, to run BUSES on the Interstate? For that kind of money there should be bus service every thirty seconds, one right after the other!

    But never mind the wacky accounting for a second … they’re proposing to reduce traffic on the highways by *adding* more fossil-fueled vehicular traffic to the highways in the form of people bouncing alongside semis on those same jammed, crowded orange-barreled-up roads that need constant salting, plowing, patching, policing and patrolling, in high-maintenance, space-consuming, fossil-fueled 45-passenger buses? If this is Wisconsin’s 21st century vision, it’ll please only the roadbuilder-allied SuperPACs.

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