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Wis. federal court strikes down parts of union law

Madison, WI (AP) – A federal court has struck down portions of Wisconsin’s law curbing collective bargaining rights, saying dues can be automatically withdrawn and annual certification votes can’t be required.

The ruling Friday keeps the majority of the law pushed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in place. A coalition of unions filed the lawsuit last summer shortly after the law was passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The lawsuit argued that the law violated the U.S. Constitution by taking away union rights to bargain, organize and associate and illegally discriminates among classes of public employees.

U.S. District Judge William Conley in an order Friday rejected the argument that the law violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution. But he ordered that automatic dues withdrawal be reinstated no later than May 31.

Conley Opinion (PDF)

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  1. If unions want to collect dues, why can’t they collect them themselves? Why is it the employers job to collect dues for an organization that works against said employer? What if an employee doesn’t want dues automatically taken out of their check? Doesn’t that employee have any individual rights?

  2. Jenny
    Union can and do collect dues themselves, been done that way for years — most unions now have dues check off in there collective bargaining agreements for convenience of the member — I can remember when my union membership passed it on the floor of the monthly meeting — My union works with my employer and is not look at as a adversary but as a business partner that works hard to make sure the workers he hires are the best trained , motivated and safest workers in the pipe trades industry — Does the employee have rights — you bet they do and I hope to god they have a strong union to fight for those rights if the need should arise —-

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