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Letter to the editor: Sewer project deserves praise

To the editor:

I am reacting to all the negative articles that have appeared in The Daily Reporter these past two months relative to construction of the city of Franklin interceptor sewer project that is providing numerous family-supported jobs to tradespeople, contractors, minority business enterprise firms, apprentices, material and equipment suppliers, truckers, insurance/bonding firms, and many others.

This over-$50 million project that will take 18 months to build will eventually result in tens of millions of dollars in additional development for Milwaukee County with new housing and business expansions.

But instead of writing about all the positive construction work and economic activity in Franklin, The Daily Reporter seems focused on writing about local politics. All these negative articles about the Franklin interceptor sewer do nothing but cause other municipalities to pause in their planning of upcoming sewer projects.

These past four years have been very difficult for the underground contracting industry, and the construction of a major interceptor sewer in our geographic area is very welcome. We are very pleased that the city of Franklin went forward with this work.

I have been reading The Daily Reporter for 31 years and it was always pro-construction. Nowadays, when I read all the negative articles about construction of an interceptor sewer, I feel that I am reading the political pages of the Madison Capital Times.

— Richard W. Wanta
executive director,
Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association

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