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Letter to the editor: Time to share information

To the editor:

After reading Mr. Richard W. Wantas remarks in The Daily Reporter’s Monday Voices of April 30, I am compelled to respond by, first, congratulating The Daily Reporter and its staff for doing their jobs.

Mr. Wanta, the paid executive director of the Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association, affirmed to have been reading The Daily Reporter for 31 years, which shows proof that the Reporter has been doing its job to inform the public at large, whether underground or top-ground, whether positive or negative.

I, personally, have been reading The Daily Reporter for almost as long as Mr. Wanta, whom I have known for the past 35 years.

His comment is quite interesting when it comes to job creation that, indeed, needs to be broadcasted to inspire others for business development. However, it’s quite amazing how Mr. Wanta shared what the benefits are to his members from Franklin’s $50 million project.

It is clear that the Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association’s members are employing people, buying materials, buying insurance and paying taxes. I can’t say that for the Minority Business Enterprise firms.

The Daily Reporter is definitely not Madison’s The Capital Times. However, I would ask The Daily Reporter to provide a spreadsheet showing the MBE participation for this project for public records.

— Dester Martin
founding member,
African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin

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