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Letter to the editor: TIF story comments disputed

To the editor:

In my 17 years of work in government and my four-plus years as president of the Public Policy Forum, I have never had comments I made to a reporter as utterly distorted and mischaracterized as those attributed to me in a June 20 article on TIF extensions in The Daily Reporter.

I presented both sides of the TIF extension issue to the reporter in an “on the one hand, proponents might say, and on the other hand, opponents might say” fashion, and the reporter took only my depictions of potential negatives and characterized those as my views. Even worse, that gross mischaracterization prompted a headline writer to cast me as a “critic.”

Please let the record show that I am neither a critic nor a proponent of the TIF extension legislation proposed by Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl and that, as I emphasized to the reporter, it is commendable for Milwaukee officials to be exploring creative solutions to their local road needs.

— Rob Henken
Public Policy Forum

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