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New Romney ad promises 240K jobs in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says he plans to create 240,000 jobs in Wisconsin if elected.

He’s airing a new commercial statewide that started Sunday. It’s the first his campaign has paid for in Wisconsin.

In the ad, he says Wisconsin isn’t better off today under Democratic President Obama. He says he plans to cut government spending, eliminate the deficit and create 240,000 jobs for Wisconsin.

Romney’s team is expected to pay for a heavy level of TV ads for Michigan and Wisconsin. It’s in hopes of winning them or to force Obama to spend campaign dollars to defend states he won by more than 10 percentage points in 2008.

Polls in both states slightly favor Obama. A message left at Obama’s press office in Chicago was not immediately returned Saturday.

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  1. Didn’t Walker already promise this? LOL If anyone believes this add i pitty you.

  2. walker has created thousands, tens of thousands of jobs notwithstanding the horrific job obama has done

  3. Yea he promised 250k. I’ll be willing to bet my mothers life that 250k is not met no matter what president is in office. Only about 230k away Walker good luck.

  4. Anything is better that what is going on now. Four more years of this and a lot of us will be looking for a job change.
    My golf game is better though.

  5. Maybe you were replaceable Hope for Change

  6. Well, at least I don’t bet with my mom’s life.

  7. If it is on the internet, you’d can believe it. I can’t wait to get one of those 240k jobs Mr. Rommey has promise me. Hes so in touch with the worker’s woes that he commands woe and is making it make us jobs. Rommey for Pesident in 3-D!

  8. I wouldn’t bet with my mom’s life if I was betting on Romney creating 240k jobs either. See, that’s kind of the point. Its a sure bet that he wont genius. The only way any jobs are created is if those with the deep pockets have a reason too, such as the demand for their service/product increases enough to require more employees. As long as they continue to record profit w/o the need to hire on more replaceable idiots why would they. Bottom line is more important than your family wake up. This is our society and you better love ‘Merica or gtfo.

  9. Conservative fool

    If you havent noticed the liberal in office hasnt done but made things worse in debt, has spending on a delayed plan to cut your throats by controlling health care, cutting military spending/eliminating millions of related jobs, adding to the unemployment % to over 8% nation wide. What cant you see that Romney can do worse than . At least he has business sense and savy to be successful, Obama yeah well he’s a professional politician who is surrounded by his crooked croonies making sure we all work evenly ending capitalism so only the ellite exist and we all are lemmings following the piper. When you have the goverment telling you what health care procedures you will be allowed to have then you will wish to recant who you voted for. Yeah is he ideal, not so but at this time the lesser of 2 evils. Got any better ideas. Then put up or shut up!

  10. First off if you really think that this health care bill in any way is going to prevent you from getting the health care you are currently getting, you are delusional. The only thing stopping you from getting healthcare is if you have the money to do so. Think about this, if the governments of the rest of the civilized world have national health care, and they are holding back people from getting health care, why is nobody in those countries freaking out?? Because they aren’t! Either way how can it be any worse to have the government oversee healthcare compared to an insurance company trying to make money off of your life?
    Second, cutting military hahahaha get real. Tell me how much, where you find that fact, and what % of the total budget got cut. No really tell me, because I’m sure that bs was spewed by rush or some other bat **** crazy propagandist. You complain about the debt but don’t want anything cut so how do you propose we accomplish that. Raise taxes? Obviously you don’t want the ultra rich to pay more since they don’t already have everything they could ever need in life. And obviously you don’t want to cut military. Since social security, Medicare and the military take up 2/3 of our total annual federal spending where do you think we should make the huge cuts that will get us out of debt? Maybe we should cut social security since it is ~socialism~. But I doubt you would want that since you are going to depend on that aren’t you?
    Third, GOVERNMENT IS NOT A BUISINESS! It doesn’t acquire profit and it never has. I don’t think you understand how government works, or at least the U.S. government. Being a successful business man does not translate into good government leader.
    Fourth, ending capitalism where the elite only exist and control everything is really funny too. What the hell do you think the ultra rich in the U.S. do right now fool? Do you not consider them to be the elite? Otherwise wtf are you talking about?
    Finally the notion of no ideas being put out there for the last four years is sad. Have you ever heard of the party of NO? They stopped all the ideas from happening.

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