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Milwaukee County sets rules for land sales

Despite concerns about implementation from at least one member, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution and ordinance that will guide future sales of county-owned land.

It would require supervisors to specify how each potential sale should be approached and lists methods used by the county in the past. Supervisors approved it 13-5.

The resolution and ordinance were sponsored by three supervisors, one of whom is Patricia Jursik, who also sponsored an earlier version of this effort that was vetoed by County Executive Chris Abele.

Jursik worked with Brian Taffora, Abele’s director of economic development, and others to reach a compromise on a new version of the resolution. Concern that the original resolution could lead to confusion for developers was a factor in Abele’s veto, according to his explanation provided to supervisors.

Supervisor John Weishan Jr. said he is still concerned that the new procedure could cause confusion for developers about who to approach with interest to buy county land. He said he is also concerned that establishing the new procedure through an ordinance rather than as a policy could open the county up to potential lawsuits if developers feel the county errs in following it.

According to Jursik, the new procedure does not restrict developers’ options, as they can still approach either the county executive’s office or the supervisor who oversees the district that contains a parcel for sale. The new procedure does not insert supervisors into negotiations.

Abele still has to sign off on the new procedure, but Jursik said she has been assured that the version passed Thursday is acceptable to the county executive’s office.

— Beth Kevit

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