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13 construction apps for 2013



Construction apps

Contrary to popular assumptions, the leaders of construction companies don’t have their heads in the clouds.

JobTrac-Tour-House-AdInstead, they store data there.

In an industry that is often falsely accused of being slow to embrace technology, contractors now rely on the latest advances to get the job done.

The industry saw the benefits of iPads after 14.8 million people bought one within a year of its launch in January 2010. Three years later, there are nearly 13,000 construction-, development- and design-related apps on the market.

In honor of 2013, here are 13 of the best construction apps we’ve found for the industry:

1. Aconex Mobile

Aconex Mobile for iPad lets you capture photos, videos and audio on site; access and manage current project documents; review images and drawings; and view and edit project information offline so you can sync with the platform when a connection is available.

2. SmartBidNet

18-constructionThe iPhone app lets you create and track the bidding process with your subcontractors. SmartBidNet provides accessible information to make bidding projects easier and timelier.

3. BIMx

The free app turns devices into 3-D communication and presentation tools for architectural designs.

4. Wheatland EMT Calc

The app is available for iPads and Androids and helps contractors and engineers in the field who might, for instance, want to know how much they can save on 20 feet of conduit.

5. Architect’s Formulator

At $9.99, this app features more than 200 formulas for electrical, carpentry and plumbing calculations. It also includes concrete and excavation formulas for estimating the concrete and bricks required for a job. It also contains design formulas for steel design, parking areas and even swimming pools.


6. iBlueprint

The iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone app lets users create and export custom floor plans. It’s handy for contractors and real estate agents who want to access blueprints on job sites.

7. Green Pro

The $3.99 app lets architects, engineers, owners and contractors access and track Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits for new construction and major renovation projects. Users can access credit requirements and find out when a particular requirement has been met.

8. iQuick Contract Maker

This app lets users create and email contracts to customers from iPhones, iPads or the iPod Touch. The app, which costs $2.99, can also be used to customize contracts for a particular industry or trade.

9. PlanGrid

The free app lets users put all their project plans, specs and photos on their iPads. It also allows for cloud-based annotations that instantly sync with co-workers.

10. Procore

This free app puts construction management at your fingertips. Create and manage punch-list items, access contacts, share and store project photos and log timecard entries, all from the field.

11. Ustream Broadcaster

Not necessarily designed for the industry, but still a useful app. It lets you stream live from your device while you’re on a job site or looking at property for future development.

12. Carpenter’s Helper

Calculate roof pitch, rafter lengths, stair lengths and more with this free app.

13. JobTrac

The Daily Reporter’s print and online bidding database lets you track jobs, set up email alerts and get the latest bidding news and views from around the state.

Joe Yovino is the Web editor at The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at [email protected].


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  1. is another amazing app that isn’t listed here. They just integrated with Evernote.

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