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Cable snaps on Stillwater Lift Bridge

A snapped cable has the Stillwater Lift Bridge closed to boat traffic. (File photo by Kevin Harnack)

STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) – Minnesota transportation officials say it may take a week before repairs are made to the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

The bridge has been stuck in the down position after the cable snapped Sunday evening as the span was being lowered into place for road and pedestrian traffic.

Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation had initially believed repairs could be made quickly. But spokesman Kent Barnard tells Minnesota Public Radio News that repair crews are having trouble locating a replacement cable in the area.

Barnard said experts believe it will take an additional week to install the cable and get the bridge working again.

According to MnDOT, the bridge is temporarily closed to bigger boats because it can’t be raised. Transportation officials say the bridge is still open to vehicles.

Information from: Minnesota Public Radio News, http://www.mpr.org

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