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Milwaukee considering option for some foreclosures

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Wisconsin’s largest city is considering a new option to help some homeowners facing foreclosure.

Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman wants to allow homeowners who are in foreclosure due to unpaid city fees on their tax bill to pay on an installment plan instead of losing their homes. The fees are currently due with tax payments January 31.

Some fees include ordinance violations and delinquent sewer fees.

The city has filed foreclosure proceedings against 791 properties in 2013 for unpaid property taxes, and 388 additional properties appear to be eligible for foreclosure this year.

In a news release, Bauman said the city isn’t equipped to manage them all. He also notes the properties are concentrated in economically distressed areas and foreclosures exacerbate the problems.

Bauman’s proposal goes before the Common Council on Tuesday.

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