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Have books, need library (and cash)

Lately, I have had libraries on the brain.

Around the same time the Finney Library went back on the market, I finally took time out of my busy weekend of playing with my cat and went to the local library.

I managed to come home with half-dozen rentals and four discarded paperbacks to add to my permanent collection.

But that proved too much for the homemade shelves and plastic tub that house my oversized collection of books. They are way over-capacity.

So, I propose a deal: Milwaukee, you let me use that old Finney Library as the book gods intended.

I’ll clean up the shards of broken drinking fountain, air out the musty smell and get rid of that random mattress in the back room (yeah, I went to the showing).

No one has used the place in 10 years. A building needs occupants, and my books need a home.

Think about it: you can’t put a price on a good tenant, and I am the best. I’m sure if you gave me the rest of my life I could come up with the $75,000 you want for it.

That is, unless, the price of used paperbacks goes up.

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