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Plans to build new ‘Tosa apartment building move forward

Preliminary plans to build a new apartment complex in Wauwatosa received unanimous committee approval Monday.

The 24-unit apartment building, proposed by CCM – Pasadena Apartments LLC, Madison, would take the place of the company’s existing two 8-unit buildings at 8426 and 8416 W. North Ave.

The Wauwatosa Plan Commission approved the preliminary plans for the new building on the conditions that the company builds an 8-foot fence along the north property line and works with the neighbors on landscaping and design changes.

The commission also approved setting a March 4 public hearing at a Common Council meeting to discuss a zoning change necessary for the plans to move forward. The Community Development Committee will confirm or change that date at Tuesday’s meeting.

The company also requested to join three parcels, currently containing the two 8-unit buildings slated for demolition and two 4-unit buildings to the east, into one lot.

Zoning changes must go through public hearing and ultimately be approved by the Common Council. If approved, the preliminary plans, with the two conditions met, will go before the Community Development Committee and the Common Council for approval.

— Molly Willms

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