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Peeps coming to the Racine Art Museum

Peep art. Who knew?

I’m surprised, as perhaps you may be, to learn that the famous marshmallow Peeps you usually see around Easter are the subject of an art exhibit in Racine.

The Racine Art Museum will present the fifth annual International Peeps Art Competition on April 18, and is seeking entries from artists of all ages. The deadline to enter Peeps artwork is April 6 and is free.

Now you may ask, who gives a peep? Well, evidently many Peep followers, as the 2013 competition yielded 110 entries. The art show drew more than 4,000 visitors to the museum over a three-week display.

Take a peep at this. Winners from last year include exhibits titled “Crème de la Peep” and “The Duckside of the Moon by Peep Floyd.”

I’d like to be a Peeper person and enter a piece, but I’m afraid I’d consume half my exhibit by the time I made it to Racine.

So, expect a run on Peeps at your local market within the next few weeks. I’d start searching now before you find yourself Peepless (that would be a good one: “Peepless in Seattle”).

More information and an entry form is available online at

May the Peeps be with you.

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