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State’s high court reduces award in property dispute

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court has reduced a $1 million damage award against a title insurance company in a Door County property dispute.

The case centers on whether Robert and Judith Kimble had an easement giving them highway access from their lakefront property. They failed to sell the land in 2008 because they couldn’t resolve the dispute.

They sued their title insurance company, First American, in 2009 alleging the company failed to defend the title. They ultimately sold their interest in the title to adjoining property owners John and Jane Stevenson, who won a $1.03 million in damages.

The Supreme Court ruled 4-2 Tuesday the award was excessive and reduced it to $239,738.

The Stevensons’ attorney, David Weber, says he believes the award was just but respects the court’s ruling.

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