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HALL MONITOR BLOG: Doodling with construction liens

I spent Tuesday working on a story so convoluted, I drew a diagram to help myself keep all the details straight.

After I finished my doodling, I realized it was a masterpiece and decided the Internet needed to see it.

So here is a cleaned-up version of my amazing artwork for you all to print out and put on your fridges at home. I’ve even color-coded it for you to help make it easy to follow.


1. The blue arrows show the first lawsuit. Seven former employees of DV Services LLC, a Milwaukee-based drywall subcontractor, filed construction liens in December against Kenmore Place LLC, a subsidiary of Milwaukee-based developer Mandel Group Inc. Kenmore Place owns the LightHorse 4041 Apartments in Shorewood and it had hired DV Services for drywalling and painting work during construction. Depending on who you ask, DV Services either walked off the job or was fired. The seven former employees claim not to have been paid and filed for foreclosure on their construction liens in January, opening a lawsuit that they later amended to include DV Services. They are claiming DV Services breached their contracts and are seeking $207,876 in allegedly unpaid wages.

2. The yellow arrows show Kenmore Place’s response to the first lawsuit. Kenmore Place sued DV Services in May, claiming it breached its contract and stole money intended to pay the former employees, and sued Pewaukee-based general contractor VJS Construction Services Inc., claiming it breached its contract and intentionally misrepresented itself. Kenmore Place is seeking unspecified damages.

3. The green arrow shows DV Services’ response to Kenmore Place’s lawsuit, which was filed in July. DV Services claims Kenmore Place breached its contract and is seeking unspecified damages. (VJS hasn’t responded to Kenmore Place’s lawsuit yet).

4. The pink arrows show a separate but related lawsuit. In July, Waukesha-based supplier Marriott Drywall Materials Inc. filed for foreclosure on a $169,168.32 construction lien, suing Kenmore Place and DV Services and claiming it had not been paid for about half of the materials DV Services used on the project. Marriott’s lien is one in a list of 19 against Kenmore Place, including those filed by the former DV Services employees, but is the only supplier or contractor to seek foreclosure so far.

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