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Walker says he’s open to adding money for roads

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WATERTOWN, Wis. (AP) — In the face of opposition from fellow Republicans, Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday that he’s open to adding more money for roads as long as property taxes are still cut as he originally proposed.

Walker is getting the most pushback from Republicans who control the Legislature over his plans for borrowing $1.3 billion for roads.

Walker made clear Thursday, following two days of criticism from Republican leaders, that he was willing to negotiate.

“Our only bottom line is really that we want to continue the property tax relief and the general backbone of what’s in the budget, but we’re willing to work with them on how,” Walker told reporters after giving a speech at Maranatha Baptist University.

Walker’s budget would result in the owner of a median-valued home saving $10 on property taxes over the next two years.

Republicans are voicing concerns about Walker’s plan to borrow for roads. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he would favor raising vehicle registration fees, rather than borrowing so much.

Walker said Thursday there likely will be more money available to address that area after new tax collection estimates are released later this spring.

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