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UW-Madison third-shifters could be on chopping block

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank says layoff notifications resulting from Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget could happen as soon as April, even though the biennial budget may not be passed until May or June.

Walker has proposed $300 million in cuts to the University of Wisconsin System. A legislative analysis shows UW-Madison would lose nearly $58 million next year, about 12 percent of its annual budget.

The State Journal reports Blank addressed several hundred third-shift employees at the Health Sciences Learning Center Wednesday night. Blank told the workers that the total number of layoffs would be relatively small. She says because of the state’s human resources rules, layoffs before July 1 would be based primarily on seniority.

The Legislature’s budget committee will spend months revising Walker’s proposal before it goes to the Assembly and Senate for a vote.

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