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16 construction apps for 2016

construction apps

(Graphic by Rick Benedict/The Daily Reporter)

construction apps

Joe Yovino is the editor of The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at [email protected] or at 414-225-1829.


Last year was a monumental year in the construction industry, and 2016 won’t buck that trend.

Coming out of the recession and now dealing with a labor shortage, industry professionals are turning to technology now more than ever to get their jobs done.

Mobile technology continues to gain prominence and plays a big role both in the field and at the office. According to a recent study by Sage Software, 48 percent of construction companies use mobile technology to access customer and job information; 47 percent use it for drawings, schedules, photos, and documents; 38 percent for daily field reports; 36 percent for job cost and project reports; and 30 percent for time keeping.

With that in mind we present our fourth annual best of the best Construction Apps List.

Here are 16 of the best construction apps for 2016


JobFLEX allows contractors to create estimates quickly and efficiently, even without an Internet connection. JobFLEX’s newest version is more mobile friendly and provides an easy-to-build materials list that is editable from anywhere. The customizable format can create estimates for up to 50 customers with one user account.

18-construction“It’s designed by people out in the field,” said Mac McCabe, JobFLEX’s VP of sales and business development. “We’ve come up with a solution that allows you to do an estimate really quick and get it to clients.”


After a year off the annual list, SmartBidNet returns with an enhanced interface.

Consisting of bid management systems, the iPhone app (also available in the Google Play Store) allows you to create and track the bid process. It also allows you to build custom prequalification forms in order to identify the qualifications and level of risk for subcontractors before inviting them to bid.

The app works with SmartBidNet’s bid management software and helps users keep track of vendors and subcontractors.

Timesheet Mobile

Need to keep track of your employees? Timesheet Mobile is a free app for iPhones and Androids. There is no software to download or text and data plans to purchase. Employees can capture their time spent on customer sites, jobs and tasks, adding notes and mileage, and can provide mid-shift information using Check Point. An alert will even remind employees to clock in and out.


Paper time sheets? Who needs ‘em? With ClockShark, supervisors can track the time and GPS location of employees using various devices. Available for Apple, Android and Window devices.

Autodesk BIM 360

Autodesk’s BIM 360 Docs is so new it hasn’t been launched yet, but when it does in early 2016 you can use it to keep your project team on the latest documents, plans and models. It includes unlimited users and unlimited documents — all for free. The cloud-based document-management software integrates with mobile apps for easy document handling, whether you’re in the office or on the job site.

In advance of 360’s commercial release, you can sign up to preview its features.

Autodesk is a leader in construction apps and offers a range of valuable tools, including the recently released Building Ops, a mobile-first application for building operations and maintenance, and BIM 360 Plan, a cloud and mobile app for simplifying the planning process. See a complete list of Autodesk’s offerings at

It may sound like a dating app, but it’s built for the construction industry. gives workers access to documents, emails and collaboration capabilities. Can’t find a WiFi connection? No problem. With, you can access your documents remotely, even when there is no connection.

BluVue Plans

BluVue is designed by construction professionals for secure, fast and reliable access to construction plans and revisions. It’s meant for mid-sized and large companies that have large plan sets in a design-build system. BluVue includes tools for PDF markups and attachments, supports workflows handling RFIs, streamlines centralized documents, and manages teams and notifications.


FTQ360 company officials  boast that their app helps builders get better — and they may be right. The construction inspection and “smart” punchlist software apps add an additional focus on tracking and improving first-time quality, safety and subcontractor performance. You’ll have access to more than 150 quality control checklists.

Estimate Rocket

Estimate Rocket, released in 2014 as a Web-based app, is an estimating, invoicing, scheduling, project tracking and CRM app that allows contractors to instantly create and send digital estimates and invoices in the field from any device.

Fall Safety App

The app is designed for people who work in high places and adds fall detection to their iPhones. It detects falls while running in the background by using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer. If the app detects a fall, an audible alarm sounds for 30 seconds and then alerts your emergency contacts by email, text and voice message.

Safety Meeting App

The Safety Meeting App makes the list for the second straight year because of its ease of use and easy interface. It covers 34 trade types and can be accessed from phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It meets OSHA’s required meeting laws and stores records electronically.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

The app, which now includes high-definition graphics, calculates quantities of concrete and rebar required for any concrete-pad project. It also calculates material cost and waste, and allows users to instantly email estimates to team members and clients.


PlanGrid has made the top apps list every year — and for good reason. It’s still one of the best mobile apps around, letting contractors and architects collaborate on all their project plans, specs and photos, as well as track revisions, document progress, and manage problems in the field while keeping the team in the loop.

PENTA Mobile Field Inspections

Brookfield-based Penta Technologies has created an app for field inspectors and related personnel so they can perform their jobs quickly and without a single sheet of paper. It allows service-management staff and field-service technicians to stay connected.


Who isn’t looking for the perfect pour? With this app, you can set up your ready mix concrete order from your smartphone or tablet. You can also track delivery times and get information about a pour in real-time at the job site.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures is useful for contractors, real estate agents and even the do-it-yourselfer. Simply take photos on your Android or iPhone and you can note dimensions directly on the photos. The app allows you to add text to any photo and export your dimensions by email (JPG or PDF) or to a photo library.


  1. Is there an app that helps create estimates by providing or including the current market rate for a given project. Unlike a roofing company or a flooring company I run a general contractor/ home renovation company, so I am pricing different types of jobs all the time(painting, structural repairs such as replacing sills, girders, and floor joists, drywall, roofing, Windows, interior trim, etc…) I know trade specialists like JES who only do strucrsl foundation repair jobs know the current going market rate for girder replacement, and roofing companies are in tune with what different roofing applications go for, but places like that won’t divulge that type of information to me when I need input on a price. If I called a roofing a roofing company and said what is the average price per square most people would charge,for a 7/12 gabled roof to tear off and replace a 22 square roof with 3 tab shingles. They would not tell me, there would be no incentive to help me price a job. I know there are vehicle manuals that dictate how many labor hours to charge for projects and things like that, I just want a construction app or program that assists in building a competitive estimate in the current market. Any guidance is much appreciated.

  2. Hi Brian,

    It’s quite a broad term “current market prices”. Subcontractors and suppliers can have a huge spectrum of prices for the same material or job.

    There are various pieces of software dedicated to estimation in construction, however, they are either too complex or too simple for specialist contractors or main contractors. I’ve been working in industrial insulation and we’ve tried a few programmes but MS Excels proved to be the best for years. It takes some time at the beginning to set out your own pricing templates and adjust them to work with external spreadsheets, but after approx. 10 bids you can really make it work.

  3. Hey Joe, here is our app for managing construction timesheets, expenses reports and scheduling!
    Hope you will consider us for your 2017 review!

  4. Solid article, Joe. Your comment on the app made me laugh… Thanks for compiling this list!

    One questions I have is: how do you think construction/remodeling apps will change over the course of 2017 and beyond?

    I ask because many of the apps you listed in this post are new (most developed in 2015 and 2016). What I find interesting is how the construction industry is being forced to change with the times. CEOs who years ago said they “would never need that technology” are slowly adopting it in order to get ahead of their competition. Even on a local level, CEOs are quickly finding out that they need to stay ahead of the curve if they’ll have an chance of competing down the road.

    I think this will only become more and more important, perhaps you agree? I wrote an article about how I think Tesla/SolarCity’s new ‘solar powered roofing shingles’ will change the roofing industry in particular. If you wanna check it out, here’s the link: It’ll be interesting to see what kind of technology changes come down the line in terms of apps AND physical products (like Tesla is unleashing).

  5. Hey Joe! Great article. I am a roofing contractor and have been looking for some different things to help my company stay above my competition, and help us streamline some key gapping areas. Great information. We actually use clock shark. It was exactly what we were looking or when it came to keeping up with payroll and figuring up what we needed to provide our employees. I am going to check some of the4se others out. might be something we can utilize. Great info!

  6. Really nice overview Joe.
    I would like to mention an app that we as company started using some time ago. So far it proved to be real great, as it encompasses wide variety of features construction contractors might need.

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