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Around the Water Cooler

By: Daily Reporter Staff//February 19, 2016//

Around the Water Cooler

By: Daily Reporter Staff//February 19, 2016//

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QUESTION: If you had a chance to ask the presidential candidates one question related to the construction industry, what would it be?

Ken-Kraemer-PhotoKen Kraemer, executive director of Building Advantage: “What is your position on eliminating the Cadillac Tax as it pertains to Taft Hartley funds?”

Anna-SternAnna Stern, vice president of Tri-North Builders, Fitchburg: “What plans do you have to promote and encourage young people to enter the construction industry, which is suffering from a skilled worker shortage?”

turicianoDavid Turiciano, construction collections attorney and litigator at Turiciano Law: “What is more important when considering a construction project: quality of work or diversity of workforce?”

SchulzeMugJohn Schulze, director of legal and government affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin: “Before raising taxes to invest in vertical and horizontal infrastructure, wouldn’t it be better to see how far current dollars can be stretched by doing away with Davis Bacon prevailing wage and mandatory project labor agreements?”

jimhoffmanJim Hoffman, president of Hoffman Construction, Black River Falls: “Would you support mileage-based user fees for transportation in lieu of the gas tax?”


Is the labor shortage getting:

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