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Love him or hate him, everybody is talking about him. Who? Donald Trump of course.

What do you think a Trump presidency might mean for the construction and road-building industries?

dennikRobert Dennik, vice president of VJS Construction Services, Pewaukee: “Trump? It’s hard to figure out what Trump would do for federal infrastructure and road spending. He is long on wind and short on specifics and his lack of knowledge of the workings of Washington will make it tough to be effective unless he surrounds himself with knowledgeable and talented people. There is lot more we need to learn about “The Donald” but it’s going to be a long, ugly election season!”

STAMBORSKIChris Stamborski, assistant director of municipal services at R.A. Smith National, Brookfield: “Based on how he talks, I want to believe that we would re-invest in our infrastructure and roads. But in reality, current budgetary restraints may not allow for that unless other things are re-accounted for first.”

jimhoffmanJim Hoffman, president of Hoffman Construction, Black River Falls: “The same as his economic, foreign affairs and social policies: Who knows? Trump is not the candidate of policy; rather, he is the candidate who represents voters’ emotions. Hopefully, he will follow Ronald Reagan’s advice: Get good people around you and delegate.”

SchulzeMugJohn Schulze, director of legal and government affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin: “I am still holding out hope for a brokered convention nominating Paul Ryan. But, more likely is a Trump presidency. The only prediction I can comfortably make is that if elected, President Trump will issue an executive order banning federal agencies from imposing project labor agreements on federal construction projects, just like every GOP president going back to George H.W. Bush.”

turicianoDavid Turiciano, construction collections attorney and litigator at Turiciano Law: “We can’t build anything as long as we are in debt! If he says he will help balance trade deficits, then we can hopefully get back to building in earnest.”

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