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With Wisconsin’s primary election coming up on April 5, which of the Democratic candidates — Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders — would be best for the construction industry?

dennikRobert Dennik, vice president of VJS Construction Services, Pewaukee: “I actually think Bernie would be better because if he wants to give away free college for everyone there would be overcrowding and they would build new buildings or expand campuses.”

jimhoffmanJim Hoffman, president of Hoffman Construction, Black River Falls: “Bernie — he wants $1 trillion of public infrastructure. Problem is he will take it right back away with higher taxes? Having trouble getting excited about anyone in the race.”

SchulzeMugJohn Schulze, director of legal and government affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin: “Neither will likely be great for horizontal construction, unless you are in the business of building light rail. As for vertical construction, Sen. Sanders would probably be better because he seems like a descendant of the Milwaukee “sewer socialists” that invested in public sector infrastructure.”

McGowanMugTerry McGowan, president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139: “I believe Bernie would be good for rebuilding the surface infrastructure, and while many in our industry are concerned about the decay of our roads and bridges, much our underground utilities remain a silent, unseen time bomb because many are well past their proposed life span. Thus far, Hillary is the only one I have seen address that.”

turicianoDavid Turiciano, construction collections attorney and litigator at Turiciano Law: “They will both be great for union contractors, especially minority-owned union contractors; not so good for other contractors. Clinton and Sanders would support public projects that require union/minority labor. That would leave others high and dry. Their policies regarding main street and small business will do nothing for non-union, or European-American male contractors.”

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