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Spring hearing attendees want to repeal mining law

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A majority of Conservation Congress spring hearing attendees say lawmakers should repeal a law relaxing iron mining regulations.

The congress asked attendees at its spring hearings in all 72 Wisconsin counties Monday whether they want the law erased. According to tallies released Wednesday, 2,350 attendees voted to repeal the law and 1,140 voted to keep it.

The question is advisory only. The Legislature almost certainly won’t repeal the law as long as Republicans maintain control of at least one house. They currently hold both the Senate and Assembly. The law’s author, Sen. Tom Tiffany, said the congress should stick to fish and wildlife questions. A congress spokesman didn’t immediately return a voicemail.

A majority of attendees in 70 counties also voted for a moratorium on new frack sand mine permits.

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