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Buckling pavement a concern as temps rise

With a bout of hot and humid weather expected over the next several days, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation warns of an increased likelihood of buckling pavement on state highways.

Pavement buckling occurs as a result of hot temperatures causing pavement to expand. Pressure between slabs of pavement pushing against each other can cause the pavement to buckle.

Thursday’s and Friday’s heat indexes are expected to reach into the triple digits — the highest Wisconsin has seen in four years, according to the National Weather Service. The weather service issued an excessive heat advisory in most areas of the state, which hasn’t happened since July 2012.

The unusually high temperatures increase the chances of pavement buckling. Because of this, WisDOT is reminding motorists of the possible driving hazard and offering several safety tips. It advises drivers to slow down and eliminate distractions, so that drivers can keep a better eye out for buckled pavement, roadside workers repairing any damaged pavement, and deer or debris on the roadway.

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