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Around the Water Cooler: What are your predictions for Tuesday’s election?

QUESTION: What are your predictions for Tuesday’s election?

STAMBORSKIChris Stamborski, assistant director of municipal services at R.A. Smith National, Brookfield: “I’ll go out on a limb and say that Trump will win, and Johnson will retain his Wisconsin seat. The undecided voters, and even Republican base, will need to show up for these candidates on Election Day though. One thing I know for sure, we’ll all be glad when election season is over!”

SchulzeMugJohn Schulze, director of government and legal affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin: “All 30-plus of ABC’s ‘Building Wisconsin’ award recipients who are on the ballot will be re-elected. Marine Mike Gallagher will continue Reid Ribble’s efforts in Congress to support policies that create jobs and spur economic development for builders and contractors. Hear-me-now, quote-me-later upset special: Ron Johnson will be elected by the narrowest of margins to a second term in the U.S. Senate.”

dennikRobert Dennik, vice president of VJS Construction Services, Pewaukee: “In my 40-plus years in and around politics, I have never seen anything like this fiasco in my life, and I hope we never see it again. There are a lot of total disappointments in this election season. The mainstream media, for their lack of fair and balanced coverage, are the ones that will have to eat several helpings of crow when this is all said and done! I think America is going to be shocked with the Trump margin of win. The way the Clinton Inc. team is going may just devastate the Democratic Party and, because of this and other trickle-down races, Rusty’s political career is gone forever.”

Dan-BukiewiczDan Bukiewicz, president of the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council: “I believe that Hilary Clinton will be elected as our first female President, I also think Russ Feingold will win back his old seat and return to Washington.”

turicianoDavid Turiciano, construction collections attorney and litigator at Turiciano Law: “God willing, Trump!”

mcgowanmugTerry McGowan, Local 139 president and business manager: “While I will not allow myself to be dragged down into the sophomoric abyss of this presidential election, I will predict a Russ Feingold win by a narrow margin. I believe the biggest issue many of us in the construction industry have with Ron Johnson is that we feel he is not aggressive enough when it comes to bringing federal tax dollars home for infrastructure projects. I get it, it’s the philosophical principle that it’s spending of tax dollars. But for those of us taxpayers that pay a heavy load of federal taxes every year, it would be nice to spend it back here at home. Because I can guarantee you, when those principles leave that money on the table, someone is always in line to take it back to their state while our underground sewer and water infrastructure and our wastewater treatment plants are decaying at a critical pace. Wisconsin citizens like clean drinking water as much as anyone else.”

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