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Dane County officials cut ribbon on Highway C project

Dane County officials marked the end of construction Monday on a nearly $3.87 million project that rebuilt a section of County Highway C.

The road was rebuilt along a stretch running from Highway 19 and Egre Road. The part running between Highway 19 and Stonehaven Road was given four lanes and on-road bicycle lanes. The part between Stonehaven Road and Egre Road was not given additional lanes but now does have bike lanes.

Changes were also made to several intersections. The intersection of Egre Road and Highway C, for instance, was given turn lanes. And a pedestrian crossing was added to the intersection of State Highway 19 and Highway C.

Meanwhile, an off-road biking and pedestrian path was built on the east side of Highway C between Highway 19 and St. Albert the Great Drive.

“This road work will improve safety for cars and for bicycles,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “My 2017 budget invests an unprecedented $17 million to reconstruct our aging county highways and improve public safety.”

The project was undertaken by a partnership consisting of the town of Burke, village of Windsor, city of Sun Prairie and Dane County. It was designed and built by the Dane County Department of Public Works, Highway and Transportation, which received assistance from the Dane County Lakes and Water  Resources Department.

The various partners contributed different amounts toward the project’s budget. Dane County put in $2 million, the State County Highway Improvement program $481,000, the city of Sun Prairie $702,000, the town of Burke $336,000 and the village of Windsor $346,000.

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