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17 construction apps for 2017

Construction Apps

The 2018 list is out – See it here!

Construction Apps

Joe Yovino is the editor of The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at joe.yovino@dailyreporter.com or at 414-225-1829.

The construction industry is becoming more mobile, and with that comes the need for a growing app industry.

A survey by construction apps advisory firm Software Advice recently found that 50 percent of construction companies are still using manual methods to calculate takeoff, prepare bids and manage projects. For the other half we’ve compiled our fifth annual best construction apps list.

Here’s the 17 best for 2017:


SmartBidNet makes the list for the second time in three years. The bid-management app continues useful updates to its interface. It allows users to open files using Safari and save them to a variety of third-party apps such as iBooks or Dropbox. It also streamlines prequalification, subcontractor management, invitations to bid, and document collaboration. Available for both Android and Apple.


PlanGrid makes the top app list every year because of its ease in letting contractors and architects collaborate on all their project plans, specs and photos. It also allows the team to track revisions in real time. Available for Android, Windows and Apple.


Developed by a construction-project manager, iNeoSyte is a management app that allows you to generate daily reports from your sites. Site owners and managers can keep track of contractors and subcontractors, their progress, and health and safety performance.


Autodesk’s suite of apps contains everything from BIM to a sketchbook app. One of its newest apps, Site Scan, is an aerial analytics platform designed to survey, scan and inspect commercial worksites by way of a 3DR drone.


The European startup company has designed an app that connects the office and field. It allows users to observe live project updates, reports and tasks from all projects. Available on Android and iOS.

Timesheet Mobile

The app makes the list again for its many updates in 2016, including automatic reminders for when a shift should start and end. The app is free for iPhones and Androids. The app uses the phone’s GPS to create a geofence to capture hours worked within a designated site.

Pacific Timesheet

The web-based software is accessible by any smartphone or tablet (even a Kindle) and allows you to track, submit and approve employee hours, expense, asset and documentation data anywhere, anytime. Data are recorded in real time.

Plexxis Foreman

Users can add and approve timesheets on sites without an Internet connection. You can also store employee information, as well as create custom forms, requisitions, purchase orders, and roll calls.


Brookfield-based Penta Technologies’ Time-Equipment-Production app optimizes reporting of employee time, equipment use, production and reimbursements. TEP allows supervisors to create activity logs for their crews, eliminating paper timesheets.


SiteDiary launched in April and already has more than 1,000 users in 20 countries. The app saves time by generating custom reports and sharing progress and issues. It also allows for real-time site progress and monitoring. Available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.


The Quiicker app launched in 2016 and is designed to replace standard systems used to manage construction projects. It allows users to generate to-do lists and instantly share construction reports using photos, annotations and signatures — all in a .pdf format. Available for Apple devices.


The task management app lets project leaders, foremen and superintendents delegate jobs and tasks, whether they’re in the field or office. Users can create tasks tied to blueprints, job sites or projects, and categorize tasks by job type and share drawings and more with co-workers. Available for Apple, Windows and Android devices.


Looking for more business? Who isn’t. With MLeads you can capture and organize leads by events or groups (including scanning a business card) and research your new lead’s background on social media with one click. You can also share your business card and video profile instantly with prospects, even if you’re not on WIFI. Available for Android and Apple devices.


The app by SafetyCulture allows users to build checklists, conduct inspections and file reports from your Apple, Android and Windows devices. You can standardize your inspection process and review performance with various teams, locations, templates and more, even when you’re offline.


JobProgress’ motto is “Built for Contractors by Contractors,” and is a cloud-based app for home-improvement professionals. The app features job and workflow management; online sales and marketing; and estimating, quoting and scheduling — all while in the field. Available for Apple and Android devices.

FallSafety Pro

“Peace of mind for just 23 cents per day.” Now available for both iPhones and Android devices, the app detects falls by using your cellphone’s built-in accelerometer. If the app detects a fall, an alarm alerts your emergency contacts by email, text and voice message while providing your location using GPS.

WisDOT and Waze

Want to get to the job site on time? The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will soon have an app for that. WisDOT launched its free, real-time traffic program in 2004 and later this year will begin working with the traffic and navigation app Waze to provide its Connected Citizens Program. The goal is to give drivers more information to avoid congestion and make informed decisions.


  1. Mike the Construction Contractor

    Two of my favoites made it but not the other. THe Safety Meeting App is one you suggested in 2015 that I have been using. Their new checklist feature makes this a sure bet in addition to them having topics that other apps do not have.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I am working for FINALCAD which is a construction app dedicated to the field (https://www.finalcad.com). We are working with all the stakeholders you can find on the construction site.

    2 main arguments to add FINALCAD to this list:
    – Our app is BIM ready, you can interact with the 3D model on your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android)
    – We integrated an object recognition using your tablet or smartphone’s camera to help you in allowing you to type less and do more.

    Kévin from FINALCAD.

  3. Additional comments by JOBPROGRESS. Thanks for having us make the list! Job Progress has helped hundreds of users reduce mistakes, save time, work faster, work smarter, communicate better, make more $$$, please more customers. JobProgress is BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY AUTOMATION software that is EASY TO USE and really INEXPENSIVE. Run your business from your cellphone! Go to the reviews and call to DEMO!

  4. CMPro is the “Construction Master Pro” calculator for your Android phone (I don’t know about iPhone availability). Looks just like your pocket or desktop Construction Master calculator but is only $35 and in you pocket all the time.

    It does just about every construction measurement calculation you could want.

  5. What app do you suggest we try with these needs in mind?
    -small home remodeling/improvement company that also builds additions and new builds at times
    -crew daily job log with notes/task descriptions
    -master schedule that can be sent to all crew
    -organizes logs in jobs so that all hours can be seen on one page and calculated
    -affordable for a small company
    -way to organize jobs by assigning crew (via scheduler) with tasks and job site info
    -can generate a report when asked of all info per job/week/month/year

  6. Mike the Construction Contractor


    I recommend the Contractor Foreman app. I’ve been using it since April and it is great. It’s also the lowest cost. We have guys using it at the desk computer, tablet, and phone.

    You can see their website at http://contractorforeman.com

    Let us know how it goes.

  7. Abbie,

    If your work involves fieldreports, you must choose an app where you can add / format the data entry screens.
    Check my 1 minute video about FieldReports.


    Very extensible app in terms of data collection/ tasks assignment and also has great data export features like exporting all your monthly report into google sheets that you can summarize upon.

    @Joe. great compilation. i would like to submit FieldReports app for review. let me know if you have the bandwidth to accomodate us.


  8. Hey Joe, here is our app for managing construction timesheets, expenses reports and scheduling!


    Hope you will consider us for your 2018 review!

  9. Mike the Construction Contractor


    I had never heard of this app before. I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or somewhere else, but we started out using apps that only did 1 item. In 2012, there were not many options for us. After a while, we had many apps for many purposes and nothing was in sync. We looked at Procore but it was super expensive (over 10k). We looked at smaller apps but they didn’t do much. We then went with the ContractorForeman.com app. Safety is a big priority for out company and most apps miss this feature. That is what I like about the app we went with. I can hold my safety meetings, add behavior issues, and schedule my meetings in the same app where I track my projects, time cards, and other items. We tried BuilderTrend before we tried the Contractor Foreman app but it felt very dated to our office staff and it didn’t have the safety stuff we needed. Before that we were using another safety app to help keep up with this stuff but we were not able to easily generate reports. We looked at a lot of options. No matter what we looked at, there were things we liked and things we did not like. We feel good about where we are now and the new features being added so we will stay here for a while unless something better comes along but I doubt it would be cheaper. so we will stay here.

  10. Software for builders, contractors, retailers

  11. Desi Builders App is designed to help you with projects like building a home or renovating a home with easy to use planning tools. Simply short list your tasks to do from the pre-created list or add your own tasks. According to your tasks you can find local contractors and suppliers by viewing their work profile and portfolios. Once you short list your contractors you can schedule their work to create a visual time line for your project. Get estimates, place job orders and receive invoices all at one place.

  12. Hey there. Thanks for sharing these constructions apps.

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