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Trump signs resolution blocking ‘blacklisting’ rule

The Obama-era “blacklisting” rule has been dropped.

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed into a law a resolution blocking the blacklisting rule, also known as Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces, which would have required contractors bidding for certain federal jobs to disclose any labor-law violations they’ve had in the past three years. Congress moved to block the rule through the Congressional Review Act, which allows the legislative body to repeal a new federal regulation within 60 legislative days of its enactment.

Officials with the Associated Builders and Contractors, a national group representing largely non-union shops, praised Trump for signing the resolution.

“Associated Builders and Contractors has opposed the illegal blacklisting rule from the day it was first proposed as an executive order by President Obama,” Ben Brubeck, ABC vice president of regulatory, labor and state affairs, said in a statement. “The rule violated the due process rights of contractors by forcing them to report mere allegations of misconduct — which are often frivolous and filed with nefarious intentions by special interest groups — the same as fully adjudicated violations.”

ABC filed a lawsuit against the blacklisting rule, and was granted a preliminary injunction against most of the rule’s reporting and disclosure requirements in October by a U.S. District Court judge.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, also celebrated the move on Monday.

“I applaud President Trump for signing this resolution to overturn the Obama administration’s harmful, last minute blacklisting regulation,” he said in a statement. “Repealing this rule is just one of many efforts we will undertake to provide the regulatory relief that is necessary to unleash the American economy so that it can realize its full potential.”

Johnson was a sponsor of the Senate version of the joint resolution to block the blacklisting rule.

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