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More than 60 percent of school referendums approved

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — More than 60 percent of school referendums increasing local school spending by $700 million have been approved.

Voters approved 40 of 65 school referendums in Tuesday’s election. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Wednesday that nearly $465 million is for new debt for building projects and $235 million for operating expenses.


School officials in the 25 districts where referendums failed say they will be forced to cut programming, lay off staff and eliminate or defer building maintenance and improvements.

Dale Knapp is research director for the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance. He says voters may have have second thoughts about approving referendums given Gov. Scott Walker’s and state Superintendent Tony Evers’ efforts to seek additional state funding for schools.

Walker’s budget would increase K-12 school funding by $649 million.

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