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Walker open to raising vehicle registration fees

BLANCHARDVILLE, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker remains opposed to raising the gas tax, but he’s not shutting the door on higher vehicle registration fees.

Walker tells WKOW-TV in an interview Thursday (http://bit.ly/2otKnSk ) that “there might be some other ways” to pay for roads in Wisconsin other than a gas-tax increase. He did not rule out raising transportation-related fees.

That could prove to be an important negotiating point as Walker and Republican legislative leaders work on the state budget. Walker says he spoke at length on Wednesday with Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald about the issue.

Walker says, “I just don’t want the overall (tax) burden going up.”

Assembly Republican leaders have been urging Walker to consider all options.

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  1. Gas tax reflects road usage, Reg Fee reflects car ownership. With a reg fee increase Granny who drives less than 4000 miles pays excessively for road usage,but grandson driving 35,000 miles pays almost nothing for road usage. But Gov Walker hasn’t raised taxes, saves face with the no tax crowd.

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