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Milwaukee alderman wants response team for potholes

A Milwaukee alderman says he is fed up with the city’s potholes, and is calling on the Department of Public Works to develop a way to more quickly address the nuisances every spring.

Alderman Khalif Rainey said the pothole pandemic has spread to neighborhoods across the city, from downtown to his district on Milwaukee’s north side.

“I would like the Department of Public Works to consider a Rapid Response Team each spring to help fill potholes,” Rainey said in a statement. “Some of the potholes are so large they pose a danger to motorists and vehicles, and with people driving faster and at times with less care, it makes for a dangerous situation for all on the road.”

He likened the efforts to something the city already does in allowing residents to discard larger items as part of an annual spring cleaning.

Rainey added that he wants to explore ways for the city to receive more federal and state funding to help address roadway repair issues in general, including potholes.

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