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Property taxes, park fees, up for votes

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Legislature’s budget-writing Joint Finance Committee planned to vote on several parts of Gov. Scott Walker’s two-year spending plan on Wednesday. Those include:

— PROPERTY TAX: One of Walker’s top budget priorities is eliminating the state property tax, which benefits forests and costs the owner of a median-valued home about $27 a year. He would replace the roughly $180 million raised over two years with money from the state’s main account. Opponents say that puts money for Wisconsin’s forests at risk because it would have to compete with money for all other parts of state government including education, medical assistance and prisons.

— CAMPING AND PARK FEES: Walker’s budget would allow the Department of Natural Resources to raise state park admission and camping fees according to parks’ popularity. Under the budget, an annual vehicle park entry fee could increase from $28 to $38 for a Wisconsin resident and the daily fee could go from $8 to $13. The non-resident annual pass could increase from $38 to $48. Camping fees could increase up to $10 a night. Fees currently range from $15 to $20 per night.


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