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Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds rejection of fracking permit

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld a Trempealeau County decision denying a permit to open a new sand mine for use in hydraulic fracking.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled against Iowa-based AllEnergy Corp. It had argued that a Trempealeau County environmental and land-use committee in 2013 wrongly denied its permit to open the 550-acre sand mine and processing plant.

A state appeals court and circuit court had affirmed the county committee’s action. The Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday. Four justices said the permit was rightfully denied, while three dissented.

County officials denied AllEnergy’s application for a number of reasons, including concerns regarding the mine’s environmental consequences and the health of nearby residents.

The company wanted to open the mine in the town of Arcadia.

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