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Hammes Co. proposes more tweaks to headquarters building

After making some big changes to its plans for a new headquarters building in downtown Milwaukee, Hammes Co. is coming back to city officials with some minor tweaks.

The Brookfield-based developer announced last fall that it intended to move to a new headquarters at 210 E. Knapp St. The five-story $27 million building’s architectural plans called for some slightly unusual features, namely a large dome and tall columns.

Since all that was announced, Hammes officials have made several modifications. The building would now have a shorter dome and possibly an outdoor electrical vault.

Now Hammes is looking to make further changes. These would switch the dome’s finish material from zinc-coated copper to mill-finish copper, alter the design of the building’s motor court and place the electrical vault inside a parking structure.

In changing the motor court, company officials are looking to have a wider pedestrian walkway, a traffic lane meant that will let more cars park in the court without blocking other vehicles and a glass-and-metal framed canopy over the building’s entrance.

An official with Milwaukee’s Department of City Development said the minor modifications will most likely be taken up by the City Plan Commission on July 17, followed by the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee on July 25.

The proposal also cannot move forward without the Common Council’s approval.

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