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Assembly Republicans say no progress with Senate on budget

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Assembly Republicans say no progress was made on reaching a state budget deal following a brief, tense meeting with their Senate GOP colleagues.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says Senate and Assembly Republicans met for about 40 minutes Tuesday and there were a “lot of bottom lines” but no progress. He says Senate Republican Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald “spent a lot of time talking at us, seeming angry and then said ‘we’re done.'”

Fitzgerald’s spokeswoman didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment.

Budget committee co-chair John Nygren says it wasn’t likely the Joint Finance Committee would meet on Thursday.

Republicans are primarily hung up on how to pay for roads, but there are also disagreements over K-12 education funding and taxes.
Gov. Scott Walker has repeatedly said he thinks a deal will be reached soon.

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