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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Graphic depicting bearded lady was offensive

Dear Editor,

I just read the Tuesday edition of the Daily Reporter and became completely demoralized at the tasteless Statista for the day, which depicts a woman with facial hair and states that most Americans wouldn’t hire her (doesn’t matter if it’s for a public position).

Obviously, you are clueless on what it is like being a woman in the engineering and construction industry. Do you have any idea what it is like being a female construction inspector and gaining respect by operators?

Do you have any idea what it is like attending construction meetings with 30 males in the room and calling out the prime contractor to stop pushing your client’s project around? Do you have any idea what it is like growing a women-owned, design-build business in this region? Do you know how much sweat, hours, and risk we put into our business to develop ideas, a project portfolio, and gain the eventual respect of our peers, that you, The Daily Reporter, honored with a Newsmaker of the Year recognition?

As a professional and a woman in this industry, the hours and effort to succeed and be taken seriously are monumental. To see this half-page depiction in your paper, is a blow to women in this field, and says a lot that you found this newsworthy.

I have been dedicated to this region and have worked hard for various private and public clientele, earning their respect for my workmanship and thankful for the opportunities they provided. Your choice of the Statista tells me that no matter what I bring to the table, as an individual, as a WOMAN, when it comes down to it, women will be and shall be nothing more than something to look at.

I am shaking with so much anger upon seeing women objectified in this paper, especially from an organization that I’ve always considered professional and supportive to upcoming, women, and minority individuals and companies. This is a complete 180 to the industry culture you seem to encourage.


Kristin Schultheis Marek

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