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Anti-prevailing wage group in Michigan may be short signatures

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A group pushing to repeal Michigan’s law requiring prevailing wages on state-financed construction projects may be short signatures — again.

The state elections officials said on Tuesday that of the 535 signatures they had sampled, 370 were valid. That was just shy of the 373 required.

Officials will next pull a larger sample of 4,000 signatures to review.

A ballot committee backed by the nonunion Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan says it turned in more than 380,000 signatures for the veto-proof legislation. About 252,000 signatures must be valid.

The group’s previous repeal push in 2015 faltered because of invalid signatures gathered by paid circulators.

The leader of the group, Jeff Wiggins, said the initial sample showed there are 10,000 more signatures than needed and he’s confident the number will increase.

In Wisconsin, lawmakers voted in 2015 to eliminate prevailing wages for local projects and then voted again this year to eliminate them for state-commissioned projects.

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