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Another American Sewer Services employee brought gun to job site

American Sewer Services has fired another of its employees for bringing a concealed gun to a public-works job site in Milwaukee.

The Rubicon-based contractor has been dealing with public outrage that broke out late last year after photos were posted online showing some of its employees bringing firearms and racist images to two separate job sites in the city.

The company’s troubles continued into this week. Milwaukee Common Council members received an email  on Monday from the owner of American Sewer Services, Dennis Biondich, informing them that he had fired another employee for carrying a concealed handgun while on the job.

The email also stated that company officials had separately decided to withdraw their recent low bid for a contract to replace lead water lines. American Sewer Services had offered to replace the lines in various parts of the city for $500,000.

Alderwoman Milele Coggs took a screenshot of the email and posted it on social media on Tuesday morning.

Biondich said in the email he had been made aware during an inspection being conducted by the Milwaukee Department of Public Works that yet another of his employees had been carrying a concealed handgun on the job.

The incident comes about two months after photos were posted on social media showing three workers carrying firearms at a work side on Milwaukee’s north side. Shortly after that, more photos surfaced showing a cooler decorated with a Confederate flag and Ku Klux Klan symbol at a separate site. The cooler belonged to a fourth American Sewer Services employee.

The employees involved in those previous incidents were either fired or laid off.

“Despite making it very clear to our employees that gun possession would not be tolerated, it’s unfortunate that we continue to have some individuals who violate our policies,” Biondich said in the email.

He added that he decided to abandon the service-line replacement work after meeting with the Public Works commissioner, Ghassan Korban, on Monday. American Sewer Services had already agreed earlier this month to give up work on two other contracts that were worth more than $800,000 combined.

“It’s my intention to also use the time we would have spent on the lead job to regroup and continue to train our employees on the proper way to conduct business in the city of Milwaukee in order to ensure that we eliminate these incidents in the future,” said Biondich.

DPW officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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