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Locals 139 and 420 file lawsuit over Act 10

The International Union of Operating Engineers Locals 139 and 420 have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to invalidate Act 10, a law passed in 2011 that restricts collective bargaining.

The plaintiffs argue Act 10 violates free speech and free association under the First Amendment. The lawsuit states that “Act 10 is a content-based restriction infringing on Plaintiffs’ right to free speech.”

Local 139 represents about 9,500 workers in Wisconsin, primarily employed as heavy equipment operators in the construction industry. Local 139 also represents public sector employees in various towns, counties, villages and cities. Local 139 is headquartered in Pewaukee and maintains other offices in Madison, Altoona, and Appleton.

Local 420 represents 1,600 workers in Wisconsin, primarily employed in the public sector. Local 420 offices are located in Green Bay and Oak Creek.

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  1. I told the 139 people not to back Walker on his election bids. I told them he would take away Union Rights across the board. First the Government Unions, then make WI a Right to Work State, then would come elimination of Prevailing Wage. The handwriting was on the wall. Most called me crazy. No way! Not a Chance! He’d NEVER do that? He promised plenty of Road Construction and other projects so Local 139 and MANY others fell for it, hook, line and sinker!! Just like I said, he took away Govt. Union Rights with Act 10 then came Right to Work, and now after cancelling Prevailing Wages the ONLY thing saving decent wages is the Labor Shortage in the Trades. Now Local 139 wants to fight back and fight Act 10. They could have avoided the whole thing if someone would have listened to AFSCME back then!

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