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Construction runs in Tompkins’ blood

Wyatt Tompkins - H.J. Martin & Son

Wyatt Tompkins – H.J. Martin & Son

Wyatt Tompkins is of the third generation in his family to work in the construction industry. His great-uncle owned a commercial drywall company, U.S. Drywall, and his grandpa helped run it.

His father, Richard, joined the carpenters’ union when he turned 18, and his uncle followed suit.

“I really like construction,” said Wyatt Tompkins. “I grew up around it and like that type of atmosphere.”

But Richard Tompkins tried to steer his son away from the industry, noting the physical toll of the work. Instead, he encouraged his son to study at the University of Wisconsin-Black River Falls and later enlist in the military.

Wyatt Tompkins nonetheless found his way into the industry, working first as a truss builder. After 10 months of active duty in Afghanistan as a cargo specialist, he returned to Wisconsin and framed residential homes. While earning his degree in construction management, he started working for H.J. Martin & Son.

“Obviously, it was destiny,” Richard Tompkins said. “Even my other son is in construction. It must run in the blood.”

One thing the Green Bay native enjoys about his work is the opportunity it gives him to see new products that come out for use in his trade.

“In dry wall, they’re always coming out with new products,” Wyatt said. “It’s unique to see that gradual process and seeing different products expanding and getting new characteristics.”

Wyatt noted that his job has him acting as a liaison between onsite workers and office workers.

“You have to have that communication between the field and the office,” he said.

Wyatt said he’s glad his job gives him a chance to work in different places. He was recently one of the leaders on the company’s largest drywall job: The installation of drywall for the new Marquette General Hospital in Michigan.

“It’s awesome that they chose me to help on this project,” he said.

Richard Tompkins says he’s proud of his son, whose dedication has taken him a long way in his career.

“(Wyatt) always wants to do it right, and he takes the time to be a craftsman,” Richard Tompkins said.

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