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Sullivan eagerly embraces big responsibilities

Kathryn Sullivan - Catalyst Construction (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Kathryn Sullivan – Catalyst Construction (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Talent and drive have carried Kathryn Sullivan to this point in her career. Since 2015, she has worked at Catalyst Construction, which provides management services for the religious, education, medical and commercial markets.

“Originally, I was hired only as an estimator, but I spoke up and shared my interest in being a project manager as well,” Sullivan said. “During the past few years, the quality and complexity of projects I have worked on has grown.”

She followed her interest in architecture to the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, where she preferred taking construction management classes over engineering. After earning her degree, Sullivan went on to work at MSI General and Selzer-Ornst Construction Company, where she credits mentors for giving her a strong foundation.

“I rely on my colleagues today for sharing their knowledge and supporting me when needed,” Sullivan said.

Her responsibilities call on her to do detailed quantification of design documents, architect-owner design coordination, subcontractor bidding, subcontractor awarding, project management and closeout work. Sullivan works with owners and architects to manage costs during a project’s design phases. She then, during the bidding phase, conducts completeness-of-scope and constructability reviews and oversees scheduling, quality and safety during construction while maintaining oversight of her superintendent and subcontractors.

Being an estimator and a project manager for a project gives Sullivan special insight into preconstruction and construction. Kathryn is able to see a project through from planning to close-out.

This past year, she has played a big role in estimating more than $100 million worth of projects and has successfully managed more than 20 different projects, including some involving tenant improvements, school expansions, multi-family housing and other mission-driven projects.

Some of her most notable projects include the construction of Mammoth Springs Apartments and Townhomes in Sussex and the interior buildout and renovation of the Aurora Occupation Health and Rehab Clinic in Franklin.

“Kathryn is an extremely hard and dedicated worker,” said Adam Arndt, director of preconstruction services. “She always has a positive attitude and is eager to learn. She has taught me that the best professionals don’t need to talk about how great they are, as many do, rather, she leads by example through excellent work. She simply does more than is asked because she expects the most out of herself and her work.”

Owners, architects and team members respect her professionalism and excellence, and they are looking forward to an extremely bright future in the industry with Catalyst Construction.

“After gaining experience with interior design projects and renovations, I will be working on more ground up construction projects starting this summer,” Sullivan said. “This is the next step in my career and I am proud of how hard I have worked to get to this point.”

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