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Energy infrastructure: A great investment opportunity in Wisconsin

Terry McGowan

Terry McGowan

Wisconsin residents succeed when we invest in things that accelerate our economic competitiveness.

One of the most critical measures of a region’s ability to compete in the emerging economy is infrastructure; smart energy, high speed broadband and highways. Wisconsin has a historic opportunity to strategically improve that long-term economic competitiveness by committing to a significant investment in natural-gas infrastructure. We can shape a vibrant future with an investment that will have a profound ripple effect on our business climate and our Wisconsin families’ pocketbooks and quality of life.

Wisconsin Infrastructure Investment Now advocates for a thoughtful, responsible commitment to our transportation, energy and other infrastructure projects that create long-term value for families and employers.

Low-cost energy from natural gas is safe, reliable and affordable and will be a driver to growing
economic opportunity here at home. WIIN supports investment in safe and environmentally friendly natural-gas delivery throughout Wisconsin as an important part of a strong future. Without this new commitment, this cost-effective energy source would need to be delivered in a costlier, less-safe way that could greatkt increase daily highway congestion with an overwhelming number of trucks hauling it over the road.

America is witnessing an energy transformation by investing in emerging natural-gas-delivery technology and thereby becoming much less reliant on overseas oil. WIIN believes Wisconsin needs to invest in this critical infrastructure to ensure our residents are strongly positioned for its rewards

This reliable energy source is less expensive than heating oil or electricity, more environmentally safe and can considerably reduce the highway congestion that would be required without underground delivery. In addition, it has the prospect of creating great paying jobs here at home.

WIIN strongly supports reinvesting in our state and nations vital infrastructure to build a brighter, safer, and economically vibrant Wisconsin for years to come.

Terry McGowan is president of Wisconsin Infrastructure Investment Now and president and business manager of Local 139 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

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