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Regulations rubbing you the wrong way? Let us know about it

Nancy Mistele

Nancy Mistele

As citizens seek more transparency from government and less red tape and regulation, it’s nice to see that Gov. Scott Walker and the Legislature have taken the idea of reform seriously and have solid results to show for it.

One example of this work can be found in the Office of Business Development, where directors have been reaching out to business owners throughout the state for their ideas and advice on regulatory reform.  Housed in the Secretary’s Office at the Department of Administration to serve the citizens of Wisconsin, these directors work with top officials at all state agencies to solve problems and help businesses find their way to a variety of state and business resources.

As business ombudsmen, they put a priority on customer service and span the public-private divide by helping both business owners and government, ensuring businesses can concentrate on true business activities. Through their outreach to  the Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and other business groups, they’ve given more than 1,200 presentations throughout Wisconsin’s 72 counties.  Business owners have also brought more than 1,200 distinct matters to them seeking assistance.

On the subject of rulemaking, reducing unintended consequences and adverse effects in particular, the Office of Business Development’s experience working with industry has resulted in a proposal for an improved website to gather public comments. It is crucial that industry and agency representatives work together to develop better rules.

The newly established centralized site for public comment on agency rule drafts is on the Legislature’s website. There you’ll find significantly improved public access to review rules and have an opportunity to comment on them before they are adopted.

Information about public hearings on rules is also available at this site.  A quick reference guide to using the site can be found on the Office of Business Development webpage.

Working together we can help move Wisconsin forward.  Please also remember to reach out if:

  • You need some additional attention for a particular matter. You can do so by going here.
  • Would like to recommend a rule change. You can do so by going here.
  • Or want to schedule a presentation for your trade association or community business group.

– Nancy Mistele is director of the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Office of Business Development

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