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Letter to the editor: Carpenters union backs natural-gas expansion

Dear Editor: Construction workers are proud to play a key role in the building and maintaining our nation’s energy and natural-gas infrastructure.

As the Fox Valley exits winter and prepares for the coming construction season, the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters is working to provide a strong return on investment for all of the projects we are working on in 2018.

The carpenters union believes supporting current and future natural-gas infrastructure will result in good outcomes for Fox Valley residents, including employment for a highly skilled, productive workforce, and generate an affordable, domestically produced energy option throughout our region.

The construction of new lines for moving natural gas created more than 347,000 jobs in 2015. Almost 60,000 of those were in manufacturing. With the ongoing benefits from the operation and maintenance of pipelines, it adds up to nearly $50 billion in gross domestic product nationwide.

Safety advancements are critical to both the construction trades installing and maintaining natural-gas distribution, as well as to end users. Wisconsin natural-gas utilities work with state regulators, elected officials and other stakeholders to advance the system’s integrity and reliability to ensure natural gas is delivered safely to Fox Valley homes and businesses.

Because of its affordability and reliability, natural gas users pay some of the lowest energy bills.

With all of these advantages, the carpenters union supports the expansion of natural-gas infrastructure to benefit our state and all of the Fox Valley.

Chuck Spoehr,
Representative of North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters Appleton Local 955



  1. Ellimaeclampitt

    But we will still blindly support all democrats and advise/bully our members to do so.

  2. Ellimaeclampitt

    Still support democrats in all elections even though they oppose all pipeline construction. Like chickens voting for colonel sanders.

  3. Ellimaeclampitt

    Come on Chuck Spooge guzzler as author of this article, why don’t you answer the question. Why are we in bed with the enemy of our membership’s interest?

  4. Ellimaeclampitt

    Maybe if there is an actual “reporter” at the daily repoter they might try to get a follow up on this story. Maybe ask the union rep why they support politicians who are opposed to membership interests.

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