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Foxconn development could ward off Racine County flooding, analysts say

Stormwater controls at Foxconn Technology Group’s Racine County campus would “effectively protect” rivers and land from increased flooding, according to a recent report.

The Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission found that Foxconn’s stormwater-management plans for the $10 billion plant it’s building in Wisconsin would help control runoff at its manufacturing-campus site in Mount Pleasant. Analysts used hydraulic modeling to predict how the factory’s proposed stormwater-management system would divert runoff in the Des Plaines River watershed, according to a report released Monday.

The commission, also known as SWRPC, prepared the report at the request of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in January. The report found the proposed stormwater controls would help either maintain or decrease runoff. At the same time, the agency cautioned that the report’s conclusions stem from various assumptions that could change if plans for the Foxconn project as a whole also change.

Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave praised the findings in a statement.

“I want to thank SEWRPC for its diligence in this analysis, and Foxconn for the planning that resulted in these positive findings,” Delagrave said. “We will continue to work cooperatively with SEWRPC, the Village of Mount Pleasant, and Kenosha County to address stormwater concerns and protect downstream land.”

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  1. Kinsey Richards

    Blah blah blah. You present such a one-sided view of this monstrosity that I find your stupid Fake News ads hilarious {the one with the Baby Genius kid trying to determine if “construction news” is fake or not}. THey are been no balanced reporting about Foxconn at the Daily Reported. You all treat it like it’s the second coming. When Foxconn leaves Wisconsin holding teh bag, you will look very foolish.

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