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State picks 2 more contractors for Foxconn road work

James Peterson Sons and Zignego Co. were the winners of two Foxconn-related road contracts awarded on Friday.

Medford-based James Peterson Sons was the sole bidder for a contract to rebuild a section of Braun Road running between Interstate 94 and County Highway H and won with an offer of $16,302,799.12. Waukesha-based Zignego beat out two rivals to win a contract to rebuild International Drive between State Highway 11 and State Highway 20 in Racine County for $8,964,539.53. The other companies that bid were James Peterson Sons, with an offer of $9,396,461.09, and Menomonee Falls-based Super Western, with an offer of $11,356,952.94.

The announcements came a day after state officials said Brownsville-based Michels Corp. had won an $80 million contract to rebuild a stretch of I-94 running north and south between Milwaukee and Illinois. That particular job concerns a central section of that stretch, whose reconstruction has been accelerated in part to accommodate the traffic that will eventually be going to and from the $10 billion plant Foxconn is building Mount Pleasant.

The $80 million contract is not the first to be won by Michels. The company had previously secured a $168.8 million contract for I-94 work by out-bidding two other rivals: Chicago-based Walsh Construction and Wiscon Valley Constructors, a company registered to Waukesha-based Payne & Dolan. Last week, WisDOT announced the names of the 14 subcontractors that would be working on that job.

WisDOT has long been working to rebuild the north-south running stretch of I-94 in Wisconsin but accelerated the work after the state entered into a deal to bring Foxconn to southeast Wisconsin. The entire, 18.5-mile project is scheduled to be complete by Memorial Day of 2020, according to WisDOT.

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