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Walker announces $8 million plan to connect workers with transportation

Gov. Scott Walker announced an initiative on Monday to “eliminate transportation barriers” for workers, according to a news release.

The $8 million proposal would use cash from two state agencies to connect people with transportation they could take to work or to training programs. The announcement did not list specifics about the program, although additional details will be made available in a request for proposals expected to be released on July 23, according to the release.

The plan would use $3 million from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for transportation and $5 million worth of grants from the Department of Workforce Development to provide transportation to low-income workers over the current biennium. At least $1 million would be used to provide transportation to people with disabilities. Walker would request an additional $8 million in the state’s 2019-2021 biennial budget..

According to the release, private money would eventually be used to replace public dollars to set up a long-term network of transportation options for rural and urban workers.

“Many workers are facing obstacles getting to and from work, especially those who are financially challenged,” DWD Secretary Ray Allen said. “The ‘Commute to Careers’ program will enable us to establish strong public-private partnerships to address the needs of those workers and, in the process, grow the Wisconsin economy.”

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