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Foxconn rolls out bid proposal for substation to power massive Mount Pleasant factory

Foxconn Technology Group has put out a call for work to build a substation to supply power to the company’s massive factory in Mount Pleasant.

The work is part three of the company’s third bid release for work on the factory, where site work and the construction of the complex’s first structure are underway. Work on the 250-megawatt substation will get underway next year. Plans will be available in mid-December and scope reviews are scheduled for mid-January. A pre-bid conference and matchmaking session are also scheduled for Nov. 14.

The bid for the substation will bring together a range of jobs, including concrete work, structural-steel work, landscaping and materials testing. American Transmission Co., meanwhile, is planning a new $117 million substation to supply power to the factory, and purchased 33.1 acres of land near the plant from the village of Mount Pleasant.

Foxconn also recently advertised a two-part bid proposal in late August calling for asphalt paving, curb and gutter work, utility construction, site security and other jobs. Foxconn plans to release two more big bid packages over the next year. Among other things, those will call for long-lead material procurement and the construction of foundations needed to support the company’s factory.

With site work underway, about 300 workers have been plugging away at the factory — half of them truckers. Project officials said recently that site=preparation work is on-track to wrap up by winter and the construction of the company’s advanced-display manufacturing plant will begin next year.

Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to state the substation will have a 250-megawatt capacity, not 250-watt. We regret the error.

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