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In AG race, unions back Kaul, Michels Corp. family backs Schimel

Labor unions and the Michels family of Michels Corp. renown were significant contributors to opposing attorney general candidates in August, according to recent campaign filings.

Of all the money raised in August by Josh Kaul, a Democrat challenging the incumbent attorney general, Brad Schimel, about 30 percent came union, according to campaign finance reports filed Tuesday. Labor groups gave about $68,500 to Kaul between July 31 and August 31 — an amount equal to nearly a third of the $217,369 Kaul raised.

Likewise,the Michels family, who are connected to Brownsville utility contractor Michels Corp., gave about 30 percent of the money raised by Schimel. In all, donations from the Michels family made up $50,000 of the $166,201 Schimel raised.

Kaul’s fundraising outpaced Schimel’s in August. Schimel had more cash on hand, however. Schimel had $1.1 million, whereas Kaul had $917,279.

The Michels executives Timothy and Kevin, along with Connie and Barbara, who are identified as homemakers in finance reports, each gave $10,000, and Patrick Michels, president of the firm, and Marysue, also identified as a homemaker, contributed $5,000 each.

Kaul’s largest union supporter was the political action committee WI People’s Conference, which gave $44,000 to his campaign. The WI People’s Conference receives cash from the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, also known as AFSCME.  Kaul’s campaign also received a $15,000 donation from the Wisconsin Laborers District Council and a $5,000 contribution from the Wisconsin Teamsters Joint Council 39.

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