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Evers tells newspaper he plans to raise ‘no taxes’

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers tells The Washington Post that if elected governor “I’m planning to raise no taxes.”

Evers is quoted in a story Friday disputing GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s claim that he’d have to raise taxes to fulfill his promises.

Evers has said repeatedly during the campaign that he’s open to raising the gas tax as one way to spend more on roads. He’s also promised to repeal a tax-credit program for manufacturers and farmers, which would raise taxes on those who currently get the break.

Evers has proposed using $300 million from eliminating that tax break to pay for a 10 percent income-tax reduction for the middle class.

Sam Lau, a spokesman for Evers, said Friday that Evers was referring only to his income tax plan in the Post story.

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