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Report: Evers faces $1 billion budget shortfall

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov.-elect Tony Evers will have to find about $1.1 billion to give state agencies all they requested to pay for schools, prisons, Medicaid and other government operations over the next two years.

That’s according to a new report from Gov. Scott Walker’s administration.

The report released Tuesday analyzes state agencies’ budget requests and revises revenue estimates for the current year and the next two. Evers will be charged with submitting a balanced budget for the next two years.

The report says that giving agencies all they had asked for, and assuming the state will raise $2.1 billion worth of additional tax dollars through June 2021, will leave the state nearly $1.1 billion short.

Evers is under no obligation to fulfill agencies’ budget requests. What’s more, the state’s revenue estimates could change and other unexpected expenses could worsen the prospects.

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  1. So Scott Walker left Wisconsin voters in a deep financial hole. What happened to fiscal responsibility and the GOP?

  2. fflambeau, that is incorrect.

    The $1,1 billion shortfall will be IF Evers gives ALL State Agencies everything they want. BUT….that would be if Evers RAISES taxes by $2.1 billion.

    SO….If Evers does agree to give ALL State Agencies everything they want – Wisconsin taxpayers will need to pay an additional $3.2 billion to cover it.

    Scott Walker’s current budget will provide a ~$500 million surplus, which is why the property taxes have dropped over the past 8 years.

    This article is pure garbage, and is intended to stir the pot, which is likely what it did for you.

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